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Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Tara Tripoli was surrounded by art. Though a lover of all New York has to offer, her dreams were often filled with images of open fields and woods to explore. In 1996, she relocated to Bloomington, Indiana. Tara painted numerous landscapes and florals, before realizing her true passion - animals & people. For the past 14 years, Tara has been immersed in the dog show world, painting champions and soon-to-be champions. Recent commissions include Westminster finalists. Capturing the essence of living creatures successfully on canvas, is what pushes Tara to work harder with each painting.  Working primarily in alkyd oil, she strives to achieve striking realism in her work. Tara is a self-taught artist who attributes much of her success to the endless hours spent studying and painting. She prefers taking her own photographic references, but often works off of photos provided by her clients. Her computer knowledge enhances her ability to compose her paintings. She is able to manipulate digitally, and when satisfied with her composition, begin the painting process. This preparation gives Tara the advantage of "seeing" how the final painting will look.  Aside from painting, Tara also enjoys traveling, mountain biking, running, gardening and photography.

Specializing in commissions, Tara paints both wildlife and pet portraits for clients nationwide. Her work has been featured in many juried shows, numerous one-woman shows, most recently at the Indianapolis Zoo, and Wildlife Art Magazine. In June of 2007, Tara was invited to be Featured Artist at Eagle Creek State Park’s prestigious Renditions of Nature art show. She is a regular contributor to many animal charities, and has worked closely with the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Center Point, Indiana.

2/8/08 - Indy Winter Classic Dog Show
Susan Young's gorgeous Tervuren, Nacho, sat as I put finishing touches on his painting. This painting was started at the previous year's Indy Winter Classic. I get very attached to all my subjects, since I watch them come to life before me for months. I have a very special fondness of Nacho. The hardest part is letting go of my paintings once they are finished. The relationship I develop with these wonderful animals and their clients is the reason I do what I do.